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The work culture at Kolmostar is free, open and efficient. We value diversity and have team members coming
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Software Engineer

Develop software stack on PC and embedded system. Develop infrastructure on AWS for large scale data processing.

1. Minimum Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Mathematics or relevant fields.
2. Solid programming foundation. Proficient with C/C++, Python and data structure.
3. Strong ability in algorithm design and optimization.
4. Solid foundation in Mathematics.5. Proficient with Linux/Unix and Github.

Bonus:Experiences with AWS or other cloud computing services (Azure, Google Cloud, etc.)

Embedded Software Engineer

1. Responsible for the development and verification of embedded systems, the writing of the underlying driver of the MCU, and the implementation of control logic;2. Responsible for joint debugging of software and hardware, locate and solve related problems;3. Responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of embedded systems, writing detailed development and documentation.

1. Minimum Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering, Computer Sciences, Automation, Software Engineering or relevant fields.
2. Have development experience of single-chip microcomputer or other embedded systems. Know how to use the oscilloscope, logic analyzer and other tools to debug.
3. Proficient with C/C++ and data structure. Good programming habits, and are able to write detailed and clear documentation.
4. Familiar with interface protocols such as UART, USB, SPI.
5. Familiar with the transplantation of embedded Linux systems, application development.
6. Familiar with CPU architecture (RISC-V, X86, etc). Understand the pipeline structure, memory management, instruction set.

Embedded System Engineer

Responsibilities:Develop firmware in embedded processor (ARM Cortex-M, ARM Cortex-A) environment.
Develop and maintain BSP, evaluate chip platform performance, and schedule intra-chip resources

1. Minimum Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering, Automation or relevant fields.
2. Familiar with C/C++, Python or assembly language.
3. Experience in development and debugging of embedded platforms. Familiar with common protocols such as SPI and I2C.
4. Have solid experience in circuit debugging, familiar with the use of debugging tools (multimeter, oscilloscope, logic analyzer, bus analyzer, etc.) and can read the circuit diagram.
5. Familiar with Linux, RTOS.
6. Basic knowledge of signal processing (FFT, Nyquist theorem, etc.), to understand the basic RF circuit structure, non-essential items.