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The work culture at Kolmostar is free, open and efficient. We value diversity and have team members coming from different countries with various backgrounds. We are looking forward to having you on board!
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Software Engineer - Generalist

1. Develop algorithms and software on different platforms, including but not limited to the following topics:
(1) Develop infrastructure on AWS or other cloud computing platforms for large scale data processing;
(2) Develop compiler for a parallel computing system and other software tools for software/hardware co-design;
(3)Develop internal software tools, such as build tools, authentication tools, etc;
(4) Develop algorithms and their implementations. Some of the examples are: graph optimization, adaptive filtering, satellite orbit prediction, multi-sensor fusion, machine learning, etc; 

1. Minimum Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering or relevant fields.

2. Solid programming foundation. Proficient with C/C++, Python and data structure.
3.Strong ability in algorithm design and optimization.

4. Solid foundation in Mathematics.

5.Proficient with Linux/Unix and Github.

Embedded Software Engineer

1. Responsible for the development, verification and maintenance of embedded systems, including embedded operating systems and building blocks such as drivers and interface.

2. Responsible for the verification of ASIC SoC chips during chip design process.
3. Responsible for the characterization of ASIC SoC chips during chip bring-up process.

1. Minimum Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering, Computer Sciences, Automation, Software Engineering or relevant fields.

2. Have development experience of single-chip microcomputer or other embedded systems. Solid experience using oscilloscope, logic analyzer and other tools to debug.

3. Proficient with C/C++ and data structure. Good programming habits, and is able to write detailed and clear documentations.

4. Familiar with interface protocols such as UART, USB, SPI.

5. Familiar with embedded Linux systems.

6. Familiar with CPU architecture (RISC-V, X86, etc). Understand the pipeline structure, memory management,instruction set, etc.
7. Familiar with digital signal processing (Fourier analysis, LTI system analysis, etc).