Our Technology

We utilize cutting-edge technology and best practices both in software and hardware during our product development process, which includes disruptive high-dimensional statistical signal processing technology, machine learning technology, cloud computing technology, chip technology and so on.
GNSS Signal Processing Technology 
We analyzed the signal characteristics of GNSS satellite signals and the impact of various environmental factors on satellite signal reception in depth. Starting from the most underlying level of mathematical methods and physical models, we reconstruct the basic signal processing framework for GNSS satellite signals. Our technology greatly reduces the power consumption and positioning errors of positioning calculations.

Data Fusion Technology 
Taking advantage of deep learning and traditional algorithms, we combine data from various sensors such as GNSS sensors and acceleration sensors to perform sensor-fusion positioning. In different application scenarios, we can further reduce the power consumption of positioning and improve positioning stability. 
Software Tools and Platform 
We have developed a large set of internal software tools to improve R&D efficiency and support ever-expanding business needs. These software tools include compilers, modular based development and dependency management tools, large scale data processing systems, over-the-air upgrade systems (OTA), user authentication tools and etc.
The development and commercialization of our core technologies rely on a strong hardware and software infrastructure, including GNSS satellite signal data collection systems, simulation platforms, parallel computing systems, big data storage and processing, automated testing and verification platforms and so on. Our software and hardware infrastructure are very scalable and can support fast iteration and deployment.