IoT Tech Expo North America 2019 | The Importance of Data and Connectivity in the age of IoT

March 13, 2020

IoT Tech Expo North America 2019 | The Importance of Data and Connectivity in the age of IoT

Kolmostar had a great show at IoT Tech Expo North America 2019! Thank you to all that have visited our booth. See you next time!

(Fremont, CA, November 18, 2019) IoT Tech Expo North America 2019, one of the biggest Internet-of-Things event in the world, has come to a successful end. This year's exhibition took place at the heart of Silicon Valley from November 13 to 14 and welcomed thousands of attendees from across the world and hosted 7 conference tracks covering topics such as IoT innovations and solutions, the application of enterprise and consumer IoT, data analytics in IoT, IoT within industries and so much more!

We heard from top level speakers who shared their expertise and experiences across the two days. Big name brands took to the stage; such as Sony, The Walt Disney Company, SAP, Mitsubish, VISA, Microsoft and so many more. This year’s show also hosted a networking party at the Levi’s Stadium.

Kolmostar again had a great show at the IoT Tech Expo series. We showcased our latest ultra-low-power GNSS positioning module JEDI-200 at the exhibition and its revolutionary performance had attracted many visitors' interest in working with us.

As many of the keynotes at the show mentioned, since IoT has become one of the biggest trends in today's world, how to stay online to keep generating data and make constructive use of the data has become top priority. Among all data, position data is one of the most fundamental types of data and GPS/GNSS sensor has become necessary for nearly all kinds of IoT devices. Although GPS/GNSS sensor is one of the most power-consuming sensors in a device, Kolmostar’s ultra-low-power and high-precision GNSS/GPS positioning solution along with narrow band communication networks such as LoRaWAN and NB-IoT, is going to enable devices with limited battery to stay on for tens of years without charging at all. In fact, Kolmostar’s most recent GNSS positioning module JEDI-200 can reduce energy consumption by up to 150x to get one position fix compared to traditional GPS/GNSS modules.

Check out more information about JEDI-200 on our product page and shoot us an email if you are interested:

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Reference and image source: IoT Tech Expo NA

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