Our Product

JEDI-100 is Kolmostar's first generation ultra-low-power GNSS module. Built on the superior performance of the Kolmo JEDI engine, it integrates SAW filter, stand-alone LNA, and TCXO.
Designed for IoT applications, especially for integration with LoRaWAN®/NB-IoT, JEDI-100 not only achieves industry record low power consumption, but also enables A-GPS via LoRaWAN®/NB-IoT. Compared with traditional GNSS sensors, JEDI-100 reduces the energy to get one position fix by up to 65x.


Ultra Low Power Consumption
- 20 mW
(1 Hz navigation rate, measured in real environment)

‍Fast time to fix
- 2 seconds TTFF (time to first fix)
Accurate position fix
- 5.0m CEP

*We have stopped selling JEDI-100 so if you are interested, please check out our latest JEDI-200 ultra low power GNSS module for better performance. Thank you!