Kolmostar’s Ultra-Low Power GNSS Positioning Module JEDI-200 Going Strong In Europe

March 13, 2020

Kolmostar’s Ultra-Low Power GNSS Positioning Module JEDI-200 Going Strong In Europe

(Fremont, CA, June 24, 2019) Over the past two weeks, Kolmostar was very excited to be in Europe attending two events: the Berlin Annual Members Meeting 2019 of LoRa Alliance™ on June 13th, and the IoT Tech Expo Europe in Amsterdam as an exhibitor from June 19th to 20th. Both of the events were very successful and Kolmostar was proud to be able to participate in all the in-depth discussions addressing key vertical markets in the industry of IoT during the meeting and also had a chance to meet with many industry elites sharing their creative ideas, opinions and insights about IoT at the expo.

According to Donna Moore, CEO and chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance™, “The LoRa Alliance had its strongest year on record, with the rapid growth of mass global deployments”, and “75 percentage of the mass IoT market is in the low power, long life battery, small data messages, deep penetration in building and easy ramp up, as well as connections in rural areas and over water.” With 97 million devices connected to networks in 100 countries and growing, LoRaWAN™ has become the de facto LPWAN standards in the market today. Whether a product/device is optimized for LoRaWAN™ becomes a very significant feature as this will be increasingly imperative for IoT applications. Kolmostar, as a proud LoRa Alliance™ member, optimizes its ultra-low power GNSS positioning module JEDI-200 for LoRaWAN™, which enables customers to easily deploy and leverage this low-power network to further lengthen IoT end nodes or devices’ battery life and improve product performance.

After the Annual Members Meeting of LoRa Alliance™ in Berlin, Kolmostar travelled to Amsterdam to exhibit at IoT Tech Expo Europe, following its previous success of exhibiting at the other show from the same expo series in London, the IoT Tech Expo Global back in April, 2019. As Europe’s leading IoT Conference Series, over the course of two days, 10,000+ participants attended the expo and explored latest innovations and products within the Internet of Things and participated in top level industry keynotes and discussions. Kolmostar showcased its latest flagship product — the revolutionary ultra-low-power and instant-cold-boot GNSS positioning module JEDI-200 at the expo. JEDI-200 reduces the energy consumption to get one position fix by up to 150x compared to traditional GNSS modules and time to first fix (TTFF) is as short as 1 second, making it the ultimate positioning solution for your location-based IoT applications. More information about JEDI-200 can be found here.

Continuing the journey, Kolmostar will be exhibiting at the International Internet of Things Exhibition in Shenzhen, China from July 30 to August 1. We cordially welcome you to visit our booth and explore JEDI-200 on site. Hope to see you soon in our next adventure. Stay tuned!

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LoRa Alliance™ and IoT Tech Expo Europe

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