IoT World Virtual 2020 | The New Normal For IoT Development

August 21, 2020

IoT World Virtual 2020 | The New Normal For IoT Development

(Fremont, CA, August 21, 2020) As one of the biggest conferences in the industry, IoT World went virtual this year to circumvent travel limitations imposed by COVID-19, and provide a much-needed forum for worldwide attendees to meet and share exciting ideas. The online exhibition and conference was hosted successfully last week from August 11 to 13 and attracted a total of 6,291 attendees joining the virtual event platform.

During the 3-day virtual event, many topics were discussed at IoT World. One of the key topics this year was how the industry of IoT is transforming and adapting to the new normal posed by COVID-19. The need for IoT has been greatly intensified as people now need to get more efficient with assets without physically touching and monitoring. Various sensors and remote control systems will become key enablers to collect data to help operate and make informed decisions. Experts from various industries have shared their experiences during  COVID-19 at the conference.

For example, utilities providers have faced a rapidly increasing demand for always-on services during the COVID-19, imposing an enormous challenge on the infrastructure. “IoT in utilities has brought flexibility and resilience to the industry, enabling more remote monitoring and work-from-home capability.”

Manufacturing companies stated that COVID-19 propels industry automation and an urgent need for remote sensing systems to minimize operational risk and utilize data to make smart decisions and enhance efficiency. “A lot of industrial equipment, especially brownfield equipment, has limited connectivity,” Michael Tay, advanced analytics manager at Rockwell Automation said. “But with newer sensor technology and connectivity, it is a lot simpler to add data-collection capability.” 

Location data, as one kind of fundamental data, are crucial to the industry. Location-based IoT applications need low power GNSS/GPS sensors to provide data and enable remote sensing and control of various systems. Kolmostar proudly continued to participate with IoT World this year and exhibited our ultra low power and instant cold boot GNSS module product JEDI-200 at the show. JEDI-200 is specially designed for applications such as asset tracking, fleet management, livestock/pet tracking, smart wearables, smart city, share economy, with optimization for LPWAN technologies such as LoRaWAN®, NB-IoT, LTE-M, etc.

Since JEDI-200’s launch earlier this year, we have received lots of inquiries from customers all over the world. We are happy to have received many positive feedbacks regarding product performance after customers’ real-environment tests. If you didn’t get a chance to talk with us at the show, please feel free to explore the product here and request a JEDI-200 evaluation kit TODAY.


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